Why is the first letter beth

Why does the first letter of the Bible begin with the letter beth ב and not aleph א? Moreover the beth is not a normal sized beth but it is a very large beth.

In Hebrew script in the Bible the characters are written in three sizes: normal size which pertains to most of the Bible; large characters such the beth mentioned above and diminished sized characters. This change in character size in the Bible occurs few and far between in the biblical texts and most of the text is written in ‘normal’ size, but when enlargement or diminishment does occurs it has a special meaning which sometimes can be interpreted from the text. The scribes who wrote the biblical characters were precise in every detail and in the course of ages, both before and after the use of the printing press, were careful to ensure every single letter was copied in the exact form as the original text – to the point that even though the spelling of the word was known to be incorrect, the original form is pedantically used. We shall discuss the meaning of different sized characters later when specific cases arise.

In this instance the large beth appearing as the very first letter of the Bible the meaning is very clear. The beth with its gematrical value of 2 represents the beginning of duality (and the end of singularity) and the beth means a very BIG BANG. The creation of the universe in whatever form we understand it to have taken place from a scientific perspective was a BIG BANG, a creation of dualities and division of the singularity- the aleph and the one - into two. As we see the text that follows the phrase “In the beginning” the process of creation is the transformation of the ‘oneness’, described as void and chaos, to the structure of duality, i.e. light and dark, heaven and earth, land and water. Hence the letter ‘beth’, with its value of 2 indicates the process of creation to be undertaken in the subsequent text.

Moreover in the hand written scrolls the letter beth at the beginning of the bible is written with four crowns over the top of the letter. These are the ‘keter’, meaning crown in the 10 sephirot of the kabbalah. There are four crowns because four represents the phenomenal world. (See hyperlink The mist, Adam, truth and the two trees).

The creation of the dualistic world is implicit in the letter aleph א in which the letter aleph is composite of two yods, י one above and one below divided by a vav ו (See hyperlink 1, 10, 100, 1000, 26 and 13)

Hence even though the aleph has the representation of singularlity and oneness implicit in its structure is the state of transformation to the world of duality leading to the six days of opposites in the act of creation.


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