The Slave the Door and the Ear

An interesting text appears in Exodus 21: 2-6

If you buy a Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve; and in the seventh he shall go out free, for nothing:....And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free: Then his master shall bring him to the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or to the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him forever:

So what is happening here? Why is the servant’s ear pierced with a nail at the door-post?

Door, delet in Hebrew, is the symbol associated with the letter daled and has a value of 4 (See Hyperlink Table of numerical values). As we know from the section on the (See hyperlink Adam, the mist, truth and the two trees) 4 is related to the phenomenal world and as with see in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah (see hyperlink Sodom and Gomorrah and the 1000) and the Passover (See hyperlink Bo The Passover the home and the door) the door is the (weak) link between the phenomenal world and the spiritual world.

The word for ‘awl’ or nail in Hebrew is martzeh מרצע spelt mem-resh-tzadek-ayin and has a gematrical value 40-200-90-70 = 400. As we note from the section See hyperlink Adam, the mist, truth and the two trees) the 400 is the highest level of spiritual consciousness attainable in this earthly plane.

Therefore the slave, by wishing to be a servant to his master for all his days, effectively fixes his level of spiritual consciousness to the phenomenal world, the 4. Effectively the slave is saying: I do not wish to reach a level of spiritual consciousness. I want food in my stomach, a roof over my head and clothes on my body. This is my contentment.

And why is the nail pierce through the ear? The ear is the prime organ through which we receive knowledge. It is the main organ through which the word of God is transferred to man. It is the reason why a central pray in the Synagogue service and which is stated every day is: Hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God is One’. All our knowledge of God comes through the ear.

The word ‘ear’ is ozen in Hebrew spelt אזן aleph-zin-nun with the gematrical structure 1-7-50. Its very structure suggests that – from God (1), through the seventh day, the Sabbath, we can reach the next world (50) (See hyperlink 5, 50, 500). So by fixing the ear to the door post – to the phenomenal world, the slave is saying: ‘I do not need to know more than the knowledge of the phenomenal world, or, in terms of the story of Adam and Eve, the Tree of knowledge of good and evil serves me enough for my life on this earth (see hyperlink Adam the mist, truth and the two trees).

The concept of the above passage can be extrapolated to Jesus being nailed to a cross. The numerical value of 400 is represented by the letter taf ת. In its original form of early Semitic script was not written as it is today in the form ת but as a cross ‘+’ and indeed if we look at the Table of numerical values (See hyperlink Table of numerical values) ת is the symbol of a cross. Therefore Jesus, by being nailed to the cross by an awl martzeh מרצע with a value of 400, uses the 400 to fix himself to the 400 (the sign of the cross).

Effectively Jesus by being crucified was making a statement, saying: Even though I have reached a high level of spiritual attainment on this Earthly plane, I shall not leave this world in order to go on to the next world, the world of the 500 (see hyperlink 5, 50, 500), I will remain in this world to the benefit of humanity. This is the very meaning of Christianity where Jesus is ‘Saviour of the world’. In context, it forms the very fundament of Buddhist philosophy, which is that of compassion, and whereby every Buddhist monk in his daily prayers states that he will not reach enlightenment until every other sentient being of this world reaches enlightenment before him.



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